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“Living in the Desert”
Have you been in the desert? Are you there now? How do we survive the drought? Letís explore causes of desert living, learn to move forward or be content in waiting, and equip our souls with His presence, His promises, and His Word so we can confidently sayÖ“Iíve come through the wilderness into the land of milk and honeyÖ“


“Idols, Temples, and Beyond ”
In our society, emphasis is put on what wonít last, the physical. Eventually, despite facelifts, tummy tucks, exercise, and health food your physical body will expire. When it comes to right living, we need to be most concerned about our Inner Temple. Letís stop running on empty, demolish idols in our lives, and seek our Lord, first and foremost.


“Faith Unlimited”
“Faith Unlimited” is not bound by who we are or have been, but who we will be as we walk in faith and obedience.  Now is the time to throw off everything that hinders (insecurities, fears, your past) and step out in obedience.  Put on your walking shoes because “Faith Unlimited” is knocking at your door!


“Holiness Unwrapped”
As humans, we have built many layers around true holiness until Biblical, relational holiness is barely visible.  Let’s peel back the layers and peer at God’s holiness.


“Holiness Unrated”
Human holiness is quick to rate one another on our journey with Christ.  Even in the church we often fall prey to the temptation of judging.  There is a better way---it is unrated holiness!


“Get Out of the Playpen”
In a culture that feeds us “playpen thinking”---self, comfort, pleasure, image, etc., we desperately need followers of Christ to make a commitment to “get out of the playpen”.  The book of James challenges us to rise above our current level of mediocrity and become radical agents of change in Christ!


“Boxes, Scraps, and Quilts”
Are you tired of trying to keep your life neatly packaged?  It’s time to allow the Master Designer to piece the scraps of your life into a captivating quilt that is distinctly you!


“What’s Faith Got To Do With It?”
Hebrews 11 gives us a visual picture of faith thru the lives of individuals much like us.  They (us) were dragged, some kicking and screaming, from the comfortable and familiar into the unknown and uncomfortable.  Let’s learn and apply the faith principles to our own lives.


“ACTing Out!”
Same as the early church in Acts, we should be growing, learning, and discovering what God would have us be as the church in a fallen world.  So let’s “ACT” out!

Shagae could personalize your event with your specific “topic” if given sufficient time for study and preparation






About Her Speaking:

“Shagae is amazing!  What a wealth of Biblical knowledge and wisdom for so young.  I will treasure her insights and challenges!”

“Shagae was incredible!  I am amazed at how life-changing this has been!”

“Very animated, engaging, and pertinent to our lives as Christian women---I would have loved to hear more!”

“Thank you for sharing the insight God gave you on a subject (holiness) that is often ‘mystic’ and misunderstood.”

“Shagae, you were born to do this.  It seems so natural to you.  I understand your teachings.”

“Shagae spoke directly to my heart and I loved the group discussions and the visuals.”

“Shagae was incredible.  God totally gave her a gift as a story teller to allow me/others to relate.”


Speaking at your event is very affordable!  A pre-arranged honorarium and expenses are all that is necessary.


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