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“Basic Stepping Stones...

Towards Your Faith and Relationship With Christ”

“Basic Stepping Stones” is a nine month Small Group/Sunday School curriculum that can bring seekers into a relationship with Christ, equip new believers with the Word, and awaken the regular church attendees who have forgotten what it is all about! This comprehensive discipleship course is interactive allowing for discussion and questions in a non-judgmental setting.

The material  easily crosses denominational lines, emphasizing Scripture rather than specific doctrines.  Hopefully, you will see first hand the miracle of lives being transformed!   

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As the author, Shagae will provide training in implementing a small group/table ministry setting for your church.  You will have the opportunity to meet with the author and ask questions related to your specific church needs.  You will also be able to “walk thru” a “mock class” with Shagae utilizing tools, table discussion/activities, etc.

Comments from “Basic Stepping Stones” Participants:

“I’ve learned more in this class than in all the years at church.”

“It was a safe place to ask questions and not be judged.”

“It was instrumental in my growing development with God and it provides the spiritual direction one needs.”

“I knew I would be missed if I didn’t show up.  It was like a family.” 











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