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Shagae is married to her best friend, Doug, and is the mother of their two collegiates: Parks and Hallie. Shagae spent six years homeschooling her children until they returned to public high school. She looks back on these years fondly as they were cherished years with her children where creativity and teaching techniques were developed and grew exponentially. 

Shagae graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Social Work, which led to various speaking, teaching and mentoring opportunities. God has woven her passion for the Bible and her concern for others into her speaking and writing.

She has served in a church staff position and has taught Bible Studies and Sunday School Classes for several years.

Shagae has developed, authored and taught a Small Group/Sunday School Curriculum, "Basic Stepping Stones: Towards Your Faith and Relationship With Christ.”She has also designed, implemented, and taught F.I.T. (Friends Interacting Together), a “home church” used as an outreach for youth and their families.

Most recently, Shagae has served as a Case Manager at Sheltering Wings, a domestic violence shelter. Opportunities abounded to advocate, mentor, coach, and teach the women who were seeking to flee domestic violence and move forward in a new life.

Shagae welcomes the opportunity to teach and speak at:

Women’s Retreats
    Mom's Groups
       Holiday Events
           Bible Studies

Audiences find her warm stage presence and unassuming manner very refreshing. Her ability to “connect” with every age group is combined with sincerity and excellence.








Email: equip@shagaejones.com
Cell: (317) 435-9820

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